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There are tons of great reasons you should be thinking about Lakewood blinds services for your house. For starters, this type of window covering offers a fresh look that also happens to be effortless to maintain (depending on the type of material you opt for). Keep in mind; this adds a finished look to both the interior and exterior of your house.

Shutters and blinds can also take care of details such as offering privacy for you and your family members. Adjustable alternatives such as this mean you can adjust the amount of open space you have on your windows, doors and even sky lights. And of course, in many cases, the right window treatments will make your home more energy efficient, which will result in lower utility bills.

Keep in mind that you want something that can modify the amount of light you allow into your house. While natural sunlight is a wonderful thing to have in your house you don’t want to do it all of the time. UV rays can harm features inside your house such as the furniture and even the flooring. Let our Superior Blinds And More help you make important choices about your blinds and shutters.

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Sunland Polycore Shutter

Sunland Polycore Shutter

The owner Eric Kochis lived in Lakewood off of Yearling street and Del Amo when he started Superior Blinds And More.  He lived there for close to 8 years and has stated “for a business man every possible thing you need is within 10 miles.” I.e. shopping mall, airport, movie theaters, freeway accessibility, restaurants, Home Depot, parks, etc.

Sometimes called “an instant city” because of its origins—going from lima bean fields in 1950 to a well-developed city by 1960—Lakewood is a classic example of a post–World War II American suburb.

Although it is an incorporated city, Lakewood contracts for most municipal services, with most of these provided by Los Angeles County and, to a lesser extent, by other public agencies and private industry. Lakewood was the first city in the nation to contract for all of its municipal services when it incorporated as a municipality in 1954, making it the nation’s first “contract city.”

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We can’t wait to be the team you come to trust in for your shutter company in Lakewood . With the knowledge and talent we bring to any job we can help completely make over your house. Whether you already know the look you wish to produce or just need someone to help you make important decisions we can do that for you.

But we can’t begin with any of this until you give us a call. Contact us right away and let us show you firsthand what makes us the number one choice for shutter services in Lakewood . We promise you will love the final look and that we can guarantee.

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