$69 A Blind

For Any Size Window

You are probably trying to figure out the catch, well – the Only Catch is there is a 12 blind minimum. Any combination of fauxwood blind or vertical blind.

Faux Wood Horizontal Blind OfferVertical Blind Offer
1. White Tones1. 3 colors (White / Off White / Ivory)
2. Smooth Texture2. Wand/Chain operated
3. Valance3. Smooth or Ribcord Texture PVC
4. Cord Control4. Standard Valance
5. Trapezoid Bottom Rail

This special is ONLY OFFERED UPON INITIAL VISIT. The Regular installation fee as indicated below applies.

  1. Must Meet Blind Min: Any combination of fauxwood blind or vertical blind
  2. All the same material mentioned above
  3. $35 delivery fee if you measure and you install within 15 miles of LB
  4. Tax is charged on the blinds ONLY


Installation is FREE for jobs over 20 blinds!


  1. This is a pre-sold job, meaning that if you call about this promotion than we simple ask what configuration of the special you are interested in. We simple multiply the quantity of windows you have by $69, and then add for install or measuring or delivery.
  2. There are no gimmicks or sales tactics, you know exactly what you are getting, therefore, we ask for a 50% deposit. If you are uncomfortable with something ask more questions or get other bids.
  3. No One will be able to beat our prices, and there are no hidden costs or fees.
  4. Delivery time is around 7 – 10 working days after the order has been confirmed.
  5. Blind Removal and Disposal is $5 per blind.
  6. Ladder Fee is $35 if necessary.

It doesn’t STOP there. We will not only meet but beat any written quote for the exact same product we sell by at least 5%. What that means, is that we need an apples to apples comparison. You can’t compare Home Depot’s inferior blind in a box product to ours. We manufacture 100% of our product in the U.S.A. to your specifications.


Special Horizontal Blinds

Specials Deck – Horizontal Blinds Smooth Texture

mooth or Ribcord Vertical Blind

Specials Deck – Smooth or Ribcord Vertical Blind

Norman Privacy Blind

Upgrade from the Special Selection to Routeless

Upgraded Horizontal Fauxwood Deck

Upgraded Deck – Trends Horizontal Fauxwood

Upgraded - Norman Essentials Fauxwood

Upgraded – Norman Essentials Fauxwood

Upgraded - Basswood Horizontals

Upgraded – Basswood Horizontals

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