Roller Shades

Here at Superior Blinds And More we carry many different Manufacturers of Roller Shades, here are just to name a few:




If you are looking for an Experienced company that has installed THOUSANDS of Roller Shades then you have come to the right place. 

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Roller Shade Different Openness Views

Roller Shade Different Openness ViewsHandcrafted from top-quality roller shade materials. Easy to use and great for managing light. Choose from hundreds of styles and materials.

Lift Options: Spring, Clutch, Motorized

Roller Shades Applications

Roller Shades Maintain Natural Light
Allow natural light in while enjoying moderate privacy. These styles are sleek, beautiful and perfect for any decor. A good solution for reducing glare

So many customers both commercial and residential ask about roller shades.  Below are some pictures showing the variations of a roller shade with and without a cassette system.  The biggest question is to get a cassette over the roller shade or not.  If you do not get a cassette over the roller shade then the brackets will be visible.  The roller shade cassette system comes with either a fabric covered rounded headrail at 3″ or 4″ deep.  Or with an aluminum square fascia in Alabaster, White, Black, and Silver.


MariakHemBarOptions  / MariakCornerWindowBracket  /  HardWireMotor  / 2011_rts_pocket_guide_low

Somy Quick Program Guide

We offer so many manufacturers of Roller Shade material that we are sure you will find something you are looking for.  We utilize the Somfy motorization system for our Roller shades unless you purchase Hunter Douglas.  Somfy is one of the biggest manufacturers of Roller shade motors in the world.  Many customers prefer a hand held remote, while other prefer a wall switch.  You can program the roller shades to go ALL up at once or individually in groups.  If you have a large house or property we may have to use several remote controls to precisely operate specific roller shade blinds based on your needs.

Battery Operated Roller Shade Video Below

Discount Roller Shade Material Colors Below

Century Cord Tensioner
Century Cord Tensioner
Century Cassettes
Century Cassettes

Century ValancesSave

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