Eric Thomas Kochis

Eric Thomas Kochis Corona is the owner of Superior Blinds and More!

Although Eric Thomas Kochis started his window treatment business in Long Beach, CA. his office is still in Long Beach.  He was a blind manufacturer with an operation in San Diego County.  There he made blinds and shutters with his own hands, so he knows how to make them and sell them.

Eric Thomas Kochis decided to move to Corona in Riverside County to be midway between his office and factory.

Strange enough most of Eric Kochis’ business is still in Long Beach even though he resides in Riverside County.

Superior Blinds and More’s owner Eric Kochis covers all of Southern California, Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County.

Eric Kochis has a lot of computer experience and has begun developing websites for people and their businesses.  Eric Kochis at 48 years old doesn’t know much longer he can install blinds due to the physical nature of his work.  He periodically hurts his back on the job and has to cease heavy lifting for over a month.

If you want a reliable person to sell, measure, and install your window treatments than Eric Kochis of Riverside County is the right choice.

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